Resturant Management

The order management system is designed to accept and process dine-in ,takeaway and delivery orders along with extra remarks .

Configure multiple menus and manage them easily with ExabyteRestro application.

Multiple outlets with integrated single platform allows to hold the reins of all outlets centrally with single login.Control the users access, handel inventory movent and monitor ur restaurant chain's performance . It also allows to save complexity of maintaining separate software for POS, store and inventory.

The recipe and menu management functionality helps chefs and owners quickly and effectively price a food service menu. The recipe and menu costing allows to maximize the profits by being able to calculate recipe costs , cut down on waste, reduce staff hours , and track inventory more effectively. ExabyteRestro Recipe and Menu Costing is surprisingly easy to use and will result in lowering the food cost up to certain percentage.

Custumized reports allow to get the insights into restaurant's performance ,keep a track of restaurant's daily sales ,monthly receivables , payables etc.

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