HR & Payroll Management System

Core HR

Manage Lifecycle activities

Onboarding, Confirmation

Resignation etc.

Search Employee data- search

update employee data etc.

Employee Award

add/update award details

Leave Management

sick leave, casual leave

privilege leave

marriage & maternity leave etc.

Customize configure leave policies – leave granting

leave availing restrictions

Access library of standard policies

Employee Portal

Create multiple leave types – earned leave

Access to Online Portal for employees.

Thru’ Employee portal – better communication

standardized process, faster turnaround time

transparency, engagement.

View official documents & letters

View Company policy & forms

Search & view Employee details

Attendance Management

Real time attendance processing

Capture Attendance from Portal

Capture Attendance from mobile application

Capture Attendance from third-party hardware

Leave & Payroll management integration

Payroll Management

Simple Payroll process

Automated payroll input & payslips

Investment declarations, tax calculations

Automate Loan / advance reimbursements

Calculate & automate full & final settlements

Calculate LOP & reversal of LOP

100% statutory compliance

Mobile App

Mobile app for employees & managers

Leave Management

Geo mark attendance marking – Real-time attendance while employees are on travel.

Features of sign-in & sign-out at predefined location co-ordinates.

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